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Canna Bio Rhizotonic is designed for organically grown plants at any stage of their life, to give them a general health boost. It can also be used to pre-treat soil before repotting.

When used as a foliar spray or cube drench with cutting, Bio Rhizotonic will help to create strong and healthy roots, increasing survival success rates. It is made from naturally derived ingredients and contains no chemicals, giving a superior crop to those grown with mineral or chemical based feeds and Rhizotonic. NPK: 0.6, 0.2, 0.6.


  • Pre-treatment: Mix 2-4ml per litre to your normal feed-water and mix well.
  • Foliar spray: Mix 2-4ml per litre of water and spray the tops and bottoms of leaves thoroughly 1-6 times per day.
  • Never mix concentrated forms together, but mix each nutrient/additive to the water in turn.
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