Buddhas Tree Flower Burst


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Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

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Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is a unique product that’s been specifically developed to be used during the transitional period between the vegetative and bloom cycles to induce and promote explosive growth of pre-flowers before the pure bloom phase is in full swing.

When a plant switches from veg to bloom, so does its nutritional needs, during the first 1-2 weeks, its not uncommon to continue to use Grow nutrients as this early flowering stage can require high levels of Nitrogen (N) which standalone Bloom nutrients don’t feature.

That’s above the pot, but the roots also go through a change that is often overlooked. During early flowering the roots will show accelerated growth so they can maximize the nutrient uptake when the plants demands are high. To help encourage explosive root growth, an abundance of Phosphorus (P) is needed and this is where Buddhas Tree Flower Burst fills the void.

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Buddhas Tree Flower Burst - 250ml
Buddhas Tree Flower Burst - 500ml
Buddhas Tree Flower Burst - 1L

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