Atami Cocos Substrate - 50L Bag


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Atami Cocos Substrate - 50L

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Atami Cocos Substrate is a light and airy mix, holding an RHP quality mark to guarantee excellent quality.

The coconut fibres have been washed, steamed and buffered to ensure that the substrate is free from any pathogens and unwanted elements, giving an optimum growing substrate that is suitable for both seeds and cuttings.

This mix is unique in the fact that it is a coco with light fertiliser included, sufficient enough for the 1st week of plant growth. The buffering ensures the grower has optimum control of pH levels. After the first week you can add water with liquid fertilisers and stimulators to gain optimal growing results.

The open structure of coco promotes bountiful root development, as well as retaining nutrient solution easily. Thanks to this, the roots receive plenty of oxygen to keep healthy and growing strong.

Available in bags of 50L.

Atami offer a variety of nutrients perfect for growing alongside the Cocos Substrate.


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