Aptus System Clean 1L

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Aptus System Clean 1L
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Aptus System Clean prevents line blockages, microbial attacks and nutrient build up in irrigation systems. It can also improve the efficiency of your irrigation system by keeping it clean from line blockages, microbial attacks and nutrient build up. By using a clean Irrigation system, it will improve the growth and development of plants, especially in root systems by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the plants without affecting pH.

Unabsorbed nutrients increase biofilm (nutrient build up) in the irrigation system. These remaining nutrients acidify (lower pH) in the medium increase the chance of microbial attack by providing the pathogens with nutrition.


Add 25 ml per 100 L of water. (Preferably before each watering). System-Clean will last for maximum three days in the nutrient solution if your nutrient mix stands for more than three days, mix System-Clean to the entire amount of water in the nutrient tank to help minimize biofilm and residue nutrient build-up.

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