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Aptus Startbooster stimulates the development of the root system and vegetative growth. It improves the development of stems, root system, and plant tissue and also improves microlife biomass populations and strength which helps to enhance root development. It stimulates root hair development while conditioning the soil and providing bioavailable nutrition during vegetative growth.


Use as an additive next to NPK fertilizers. Aptus Startbooster can be used without additional growth fertilizers on pre fertilized soil.

When using Startbooster the pre growth phase can be shortened. Use Startbooster during the pre growth phase and the first week of bloom.

Add Startbooster after adding the NPK nutrients and after measuring EC.

Use 2.5ml per 10L water.

Be careful when using this organic product in drip irrigation systems as it can increase the risk of blockages. Therefore, always use Aptus System-Clean when using Startbooster in your drip irrigation systems.


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