Aptus Fulvic Blast 1L

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Aptus Fulvic Blast 1L


Aptus Fulvic Blast is a complete micro-elements booster which contains high concentrations of fulvic acid that acts as a natural chelator, this improves the absorption of micro-elements via your plants root system to help improve their overall health and to help boost the final harvest.

As Aptus Fulvic Blast contains not only fulvic acid, but also amino acids, plant stimulants and chelated micro-elements, for example iron, zinc, manganese & copper, it has a low molecular weight, meaning all the elements will be better absorbed and transported by your plants, helps convert carbohydrates into sugars and prevents any shortages in micro-elements.

Fulvic Blast can be used to correct deficiencies when they start to show on the plants leaves, but it can also be used once a week throughout your plants life cycle as a prevention.


30ml per 100 litre (0.3ml per litre) of water once a week throughout the cycle or when uncertain deficiencies are showing.

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