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Advanced Hydroponics of Holland Micro - 5L
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Advanced Hydroponics of Holland Bloom - 5L
Advanced Hydroponics of Holland Grow - 5L


The Dutch Formula plant food of Advanced Hydroponics of Holland is a high quality 3-part nutrition which we perfected through thorough research and the experiences of our customers. 

This liquid plant food can be used for both hydro cultures and for earth. For the entire life cycle of the plant we developed 3 special components, which guarantee the best results after growing with this solution.

These 3 components are called Grow, Bloom and Micro The use of the Dutch Formula plant food is simple and easy to use and therefore suitable for everyone, both beginner and experienced growers. 

Our plant food is manufactured with only the best and purest ingredients and tested in conformity of Dutch Quality control standards.


This part of the plant food enables the plants during the growth phase to take up all the important components. This will show through the new growth; the leaves are strong dark green and the plants will have healthy roots. 


  • The recommended combination of Dutch Formula 1, 2 and 3 during the 18 hour vegetative stage is the best guarantee for high quality results and strong, healthy plants with lush green leaves.
  • Dutch Formula grow creates the ultimate conditions for crop production during the next stage.
  • You should stop the application of GROW between 21 and 30 days after your plants have entered the twelve hour flower phase.
  • By mixing the mineral components of Dutch Formula with water, you will get a rich and balanced nutrition for your plants. 


This part of Dutch Formula stimulates and increases the Flower production in the flowering phase, where large and heavy Fruit will develop.


  • The Flowering is the productive part of a plant's life. Dutch Formula BLOOM is a "power diet" for the flower production. 
  • Assures that your plants will receive the correct balance of nutrients to encourage the optimum growth of superior quality flowers.


  • By mixing the mineral components of Dutch Formula with water, you will get rich and balanced nutrition for your plants.
  • The Dutch Formula is suitable for all kinds of growing media.
  • Comprehensive dosage information can be found on this page


This part of the Dutch Formula is the key to your success. This component contains all essential microelements. You will not find any other nutrient as concentrated as our Dutch Formula. In the vegetative and flowering phase, Micro ensures that the plants can always absorb sufficient microelements that are so needed.


  • You will see that MICRO is the secret for success, supporting the crop during their complete life cycle.
  • Dutch Formula MICRO consists of a strong nutrient mix of chelated microelements, in combination with unique pH buffers, thus providing extra power and stability for growth.


  • The application of Dutch Formula goes beyond hydroponic systems.
  • Dutch Formula can be used for ALL substrates. Earth growers and coco growers have all seen this happen.
  • By mixing the mineral components of Dutch Formula with water, you will get rich and balanced nutrition for your plants. 
  • The Dutch Formula is suitable for all kinds of growing media.
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