RAM Acoustic Ducting

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Acoustic Ducting 100MM (4") 5M
Acoustic Ducting 100MM (4") 10M
Acoustic Ducting 125MM (5") 5M
Acoustic Ducting 125MM (5") 10M
Acoustic Ducting 150MM (6") 5M
Acoustic Ducting 150MM (6") 10M
Acoustic Ducting 200MM (8") 5M
Acoustic Ducting 200MM (8") 10M
Acoustic Ducting 250MM (10") 5M
Acoustic Ducting 250MM (10") 10M
Acoustic Ducting 315MM (12.5") 5M
Acoustic Ducting 315MM (12.5") 10M
Acoustic Ducting 356MM (14") 10M
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Similar to standard aluminium ducting, this high quality, flexible Acoustic Ducting features an insulation lining between the inner and outer cores that dampens the air noise as it travels through and out of the ducting, but also helps reduce fan noise.

Available from 100mm (4”) through to 315mm (12.5”) diameters in either 5 or 10 metre lengths and is a must have item for any indoor grow room that takes in fresh air and extracts old stale air along with any unwanted odours when used with a carbon filter.

Suitable for use with in-take and extraction fans, air-cooled lighting, carbon filters and should be securely fitted using jubilee clips or fast clamps.

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