A.R.T.S Spired - 250ml


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A.R.T.S Spired - 250ml

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A.R.T.S Spired is a repellent, used to successfully suppress the populations of spider mites by dissolving webs and eggs.

The formula consists of vegetable oils (such as clove oil), extract from Chrysanthemum cineraria folium and other natural ingredients. If the crop is sprayed with Spired at an early stage, ensuring good and full coverage it can be kept free of mites. Resistance to this repellent is unlikely.

Spired is fine for the cultivation of pot plants, bedding, cut flowers, vegetables and fruit and tree cultivation.

Directions of use:

Apply spray when plant is in dark period, as spraying whilst under bright lights can cause the plant to burn. 1L spray liquid is sufficient for approximately 10mtr2.

As a curative: Mix 50ml Spired with 1L warm water. Shake well, then spray under the leaves and then over the plants. Repeat at intervals of every 4 to 7 days depending on the need.

As a preventive: Mix 25ml Spired with 1L warm water. Mix well and spray under leaves and then over the plants every 2 weeks.


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