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Welcome to Holland Hydroponics, if you're into Hydroponics then you’ve come to the right place!


Holland Hydroponics first shop was opened in 1996 in Heywood near Middleton to the north of Manchester. The name Holland Hydroponics was chosen to represent the famous horticultural excellence of the Netherlands as renowned in Britain and around the world.


All of Holland’s customers began shopping with us from word-of-mouth or passing trade. We attempted to give the best customer service possible - friendly, helpful and informative - as we still do today. After-sales service is another of our strengths and we are happy to give out advice to anyone who calls. We are proud of our record of customer satisfaction. Thus we have built our great reputation and had a large amount of new custom from word-of-mouth.


Here at Holland Hydroponics we aim to keep as wide a range of all the different brands as we can under one roof. We have everything you need from Grow lights to high-tech nutrient supplements and will always try to obtain any item for a customer who requests it. We have over 18 years experience stocking products from leading brand suppliers, with proven track records.


Our friendly and informative staff are always on hand to help you make the right choice when it comes to your specialist gardening needs. We have a large Superstore off Ashton old Road in Manchester, with an additional 3 stores located in Burnley, Huddersfield and our newest addition in Flint, North Wales. Our four stores are packed full of the most popular and cutting-edge hydroponics equipment - all at extremely competitive prices.


We also have an extensive network of specialists who can advise you on getting the most from your gardening projects, whether Hydroponics is your hobby or your profession. In addition to our hydroponics and lighting range we are increasingly catering to the organic minded grower, supplying a wide range of natural, bio and eco-friendly gardening products.


We hope that in the future, indoor gardening will become the choice for more people wanting to take control of their food supply away from the "super" markets, offering watery lettuce, the Frankenstein tomato and unripe fruit and fill their homes with abundant, natural, fresh, living plants. Home gardening, indoors and out, has always been a popular hobby in Britain and we must encourage more hobbyists to make the most of their house plants all year round with high technology plant care solutions.


We are happy to answer questions by phone or email. We can highly recommend a visit to one of our 4 stores where our experienced staff are happy to demonstrate our products. 


Good luck and happy growing from all of us at Holland Hydroponics!



Holland Hydroponics | Manchester Store - 0845 872 0570

Holland Hydroponics | Huddersfield - 0845 872 0580 

Holland Hydroponics | Burnley Store - 0845 872 0590

Holland Hydroponics | Flint Store - 0845 872 0565 

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