Silver Bullet Mist RTU 500ml Bottle


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Silver Bullet Mist

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When choosing a disinfectant for your grow room, look no further than Silver Bullet. Thanks to the silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, this mist actively combats diseases, keeping your grow room sterile and clean.

A huge 99.99% of grow room diseases can be destroyed using Silver Bullet, including those like botrytis, powdery mildew, Pythium, fusarium and yellow and brown leaf spot! The combination of both hydrogen peroxide and silver ions ensure that all disease is annihilated by working together to target bacteria. The silver in Silver Bullet is what really sets it apart from other disinfectants.

These silver ions are attracted to the negative charge emitted by a typical bacterium. Once attached, they begin to catalyse and break down the bacteria’s protective barriers. This then allows the hydrogen peroxide to destroy the bacteria and dissolve it into water and oxygen.

Once killed, that negative charge has subsequently gone and the silver sets out to find its next victim, whilst helping to stabilise other hydrogen peroxide molecules. And so the process repeats until all disease is overcome.

What’s more, Silver Bullet is super versatile. It doesn’t matter if you need to sterilise your walls, equipment, tools, zips, floors, door handles, your shoes – anything can be cleaned with Silver Bullet. It won’t even enter the plant so you can be assured that this disinfectant won’t affect your crop.

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Silver Bullet Mist - 500ml

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