Produced from the hairy husk of the coconut, coco fibre has been found over many years to be an effective growth medium that produces big, healthy plants and prolific harvests. It is naturally rich in potassium and sodium, so most coco products are pre-treated by the manufacturers so that they are ready to use.

Make sure to check when you purchase coco whether it has been pH buffered and washed; some kinds of coco may need to be flushed through a couple of times with water at pH 6.0 before plants can be put in it.

Coco is a relatively light medium that has good water retention without becoming soggy; it is much harder to over-water coco than soil. It has an excellent air capacity of around 30% which aids root growth and nutrient uptake.

Coco contains a naturally occurring fungus called Trichoderma that helps prevent disease and aids root development.

Due to gradual leaching of potassium from within the coco, it is strongly advised to use a coco-specific nutrient.

Coco fibre is a firm favourite among expert growers because it is so easy and pleasant to work with. Holland Hydoponics cannot recommend this growth media enough!


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