What's On The Grow

What's On The Grow

  • Last Chance For Jan/Feb Offers - Full Digital Lighting System Only £119.95 & More!

    As 2015 starts to get into full swing, we know now is the time that all you indoor gardeners like to get your seedlings and cuttings started for an early summer harvest. So to help you on your way, we have compiled some great propagation kits and also reduced the prices on many of our popular seasonal products, including our lowest priced digital lighting package!

    Take a look below at our special offers that are only available until the end of February, so grab them while you can!

    Shogun 600w Digital Light Kit

    Shogun 600W Digital Complete Light Kit Now Only £119.95

    - Our lowest priced dimmable kit ever!
    - Was £149.95 Now only £119.95
    - Digital light kit includes 600W Shogun complete, lumen 8 lamp and reflector
    - 2 year guarantee
    - Dimmable settings 60%, 75%, 100% and super lumen!

    Buy now on our online store »

    Propagation Tent Bundles

    Propagation Tent Bundles & Starter Kits From £72.76!

    - Propagation tents including Silverback or GroCell
    - Propagation lighting including CFL lamps or T5 units.
    - Cloning kits including scalpels, gel and medium
    - Multiple sizes available to suit all gardeners

    Buy now on our online store »

    CFL Lamps & Canna Rhizotonic

    CFL Lamps - Low Cost Lighting Solution From £16.00!

    - 20% off lamps
    - Great for propagation
    - Available in blue and red
    - 125/200/300 watt bulbs available

    Buy now on our online store »

    Canna Rhizotonic 5L – Only £105.00!

    - Vegetative root stimulator
    - Provides healthy, strong white roots
    - Relives transplant shock
    - Useful for all mediums

    Buy now on our online store »

    Propagators and Bat Mix

    Propagators From Just £2.00!

    - Selected standard or heated propagators
    - Provides perfect environment for young plants
    - Higher propagation success rate
    - Suitable for all gardeners, indoor and out

    Buy now on our online store »

    Plagron Batmix 50L For Just £12.95!

    • High quality potting soil
    • Contains bat guano
    • Includes worm humus, peat and perlite
    • 100% bio

    Buy now on our online store »

    Alien Pro RDWC system

    Alien RDWC Pro - Systems Starting From £999.00!

    And finally we’d like to introduce the Recirculating Deep Water Culture system that's new to Holland Hydroponics, the Alien RDWC Pro, hydroponics for the new generation that offers...

    - Amazing yield potential
    - Easy to set up and maintain
    - Increased efficiency with constant circulation to optimize nutrients
    - Choice of 34 or 55 litre pots

    Buy now on our online store »

  • Valentine's Weekend Sale 14th-15th Feb; 10% Off In-Store & Free Delivery Online

    Valentines Weekend 2015 At Hollands Hydroponics

    As February is the month of love, Holland Hydroponics would like to treat our customers this Valentine's Weekend by offering a loving 10% off our full product range* available in-store at our Burnley, Huddersfield & Flint locations.

    Why not pay us a visit on Sat 14th February, and Sun 15th (Burnley only), to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and pick up those last minute gardening essentials such as drying racks, scissors, replacement lamps or yield enhancers like Buddha's Tree or Cyco Swell to give your indoor garden some extra TLC. Or if your feeling particularly romantic, why not indulge in that brand new hydroponics system, grow tent or air-cooled light reflector you've had your lovin' eye on for so long.

    Whatever tickles your fancy, make Holland Hydroponics your store of choice this Valentine's Weekend and receive a fantastic 10% off your order*.

    And for those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their home, we haven’t forgotten about our online customers either as we're also offering FREE DELIVERY** on ALL orders over the Valentine's Weekend, with no minimum spend!

    * 10% Off Exclusions Apply

    - Excludes Manchester as we will be having a grand unveil of our new store layout very soon with special offers & treats - watch this space
    - Existing offers and clearance products are not included in this offer. Please see in store for details
    - Brands/Products excluded from this offer include Puma, Canna Boost, Shogun Fertilisers and Cyco Revovery Kit

    ** Free Delivery Exclusions Apply

    - Free Standard delivery covers Mainland UK ONLY. Providing your goods are in stock, we aim to have orders dispatched within 2-3 working days
    - Free delivery also covers heavy items; there will be no heavy item surcharge!
    - Free delivery does not include Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands, Northern Ireland, Isles of Man, Scilly and Wight
    - Free delivery does not include specified delivery dates such as Saturday/Monday/AM/PM

  • Puma HPS / HID Reflector Now Available For Just £6.75!!

    Puma HPS / HID Reflector

    The Puma HPS & HID reflector is ideal for those who are on a budget or are just starting out in the world of hydroponics.

    Manufactured using highly polished, dimpled anodised aluminium and measuring 45x45 cm, it offers Euro Wing style reflection giving an even light spread over your plants.

    Comes complete with an E40 light fitting suitable for use with a 250w, 400w & 600w HPS or HID lamps, a 4 metre cable with IEC connector that plugs straight into the ballast, plus 2 hanging lugs at either end.

    - Highly polished, dimpled anodised aluminium
    - Euro wing style light reflection with 2 hanging lugs
    - Suitable for 250w, 400w & 600w HPS & HID lamps
    - Ideal starter reflector for those on a budget

    The Puma light reflector is just £6.95, yes you read right, just £6.95 and is available to purchase from our online store at www.hydroponics.co.uk/puma-reflector.html.

  • OptiClimate Pro 3 Grow Room - Phase 1 Complete

    At Holland Hydroponics we aim to bring you the latest grow room technologies, and as part of our Manchester store refit, we’re building a state of art, purpose built grow room using the OptiClimate Pro 3 climate control system.

    Phase 1 is now complete with the the room now built and Phase 2 will start very soon by installing 3 x 1000w lights along with the ultimate in climate control for your grow room, the OptiClimate Pro 3.

    We aim to have the OptiClimate Grow Room fully functioning by Spring 2015, so watch this space for more details, but for now, here’s a couple of photographs of how its looking so far.

    OptiClimate Pro 3 Grow Room

    OptiClimate Pro 3 Grow Room

  • Manchester Store Undergoing Refit - Opening Hours Not Affected

    Holland Hydroponics - Manchester

    It’s exciting times here at Hollands Hydroponics as our Manchester Store is going to be getting a facelift.

    Starting on Monday 26th January 2015, the shop floor will be going through a complete refit, this includes moving the counter to allow more room to display the very latest in hydroponic products, technologies and accessories, along with a purpose built, state of the art grow room using the OptiClimate Pro 3 climate control system running 3 x 1000w lights.

    The shop will remain open during the refit, which is planned to last around 2 weeks, during this time we aim to keep disruption to customers down to a minimum and we would appreciate your understanding before, during and after we have finished our exciting new store layout. We’ll still be accepting telephone orders during this time which can be made using the phone number 0845 872 0570 for pick up within 24 hours.

    Keep an eye on our blog, Twitter & Facebook pages to see how the shop overhaul and OptiClimate grow room is coming on with a grand re-opening to be announced soon.

  • Raffle Time At Holland Hydroponics Manchester Store - Great Prizes To Be Won!

    Holland Hydroponics - Raffle Prizes

    To help kick start 2015, at the Holland Hydroponics Manchester Store we are holding a raffle with the chance to win a number of excellent prizes from Grow Tents to Ballasts to Nutrient Supplements to Reflectors and everything in-between which include:

    • 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m Grow Tents
    • Lumii Compacta 600w Ballasts
    • Spudnik Air-Cooled Reflectors
    • Prima Klima Fan Speed Controllers

    Plus much much more.

    Tickets are just £1, please ask a member of staff for details when visiting our Manchester Store at 17 Rondin Road, Manchester M12 6BF.

    All proceeds will be donated to The National Association for Crohn’s and Colitis (NACC) which is being run in conjunction with a Sponsored 24 Hour Cycle Marathon that a member of our staff is participating in.

    For more info on NACC please visit www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk.

    Good Luck!!

    Holland Hydroponics - Raffle Prizes

    Holland Hydroponics - Raffle Tickets

  • Choosing A Reflector

    What do you need to know when buying a reflector for your growroom? Well firstly you should know you need one. Light spraying indiscriminately over your ceiling and walls is a waste of electricity, and worse – your plants are being denied a chance to grow to their full potential.

    The purpose of a reflector is to channel as much light as possible from your lamps in the direction of your crop. Attempting to grow hydroponically without reflectors is akin to driving a herd of sheep without a sheep dog; or trying to impregnate the wife from ten paces. All theoretically possible but thoroughly improvident and ill-advised.

    The ideal reflector will not just redirect light but will uniformly distribute it. It will allow your plants to be sufficiently close to your lamp so as to gain maximum benefit from the light, but will also prevent shadow patterns, hotspots – and a raging bushfire in your growroom. Newcomers to hydroponics might release a disheartened sigh when confronted with the plethora of different reflectors and options available, but fear not – let Uncle HYDROMAG step in to take you by the hand, bounce you on his knee, and tell you that it’s all going to be alright (we have been CRB checked, we promise).

    Reflector Types

    The most obvious points to consider when deciding which reflector to buy are firstly your budget and secondly the size of your growing area. Prices vary wildly (from under £20 to well over £200), and an inexperienced grower may not always benefit from an expensive reflector if his set-up is less than perfect. And different reflectors have different footprints – if you’re planning to grow in a 75cm x 75cm tent, you’re really not going to need Sun System’s Magnum XXXL with its metre-long length. A bit of basic research and some common sense will carry the grower a long way. So, onto the main reflector types:

    1. Basic Winged Reflectors

    The cheapest reflectors on the market tend to come in this form, as they’re essentially just moulded light aluminium with open ends and low production costs.

    However, unlike at Primark, cheap doesn’t necessarily equate to "shit". Even the lowest-priced reflectors on the market these days are generally built out of decent-quality, dimpled aluminium (allowing for a nice, even disbursement of light). They’re also known as "open-ended reflectors" owing to the fact they have just two sides reflecting light downwards, leading to a slight loss of light focus and intensity. This is offset by the fact that this design allows for heat to escape, meaning the reflectors can be placed much closer to your crop without scorching your canopy. Plenty of seasoned growers still swear by such brands as the Euro Wing, ignoring the siren call of more elaborate, expensive suitors.

    • Lightweight and versatile.
    • Dirt cheap so having to buy replacements won’t hit you in the pocket.
    • Heat can easily escape so lamps can be placed closer to crop.

    • They’re open ended so a small amount of light intensity is lost.
    • Cheaper reflective materials can mean a loss of light and uniformity of spread.
    • Some brands are angular and will reflect light unevenly, leading to irregular plant growth and hotspots.

    Examples: CFL Hobby Reflector, Euro Wing.

    2. Adjustable Winged Reflectors

    Sometimes called “Adjustable double parabolic” reflectors, these designs give the grower added levels of control compared with the standard winged design. The king of the adjustable reflectors is the Adjust-A-Wing, and it’s yet to see a lot of competition. Like Oprah Winfrey’s belt, it’s designed for a yo-yoing span. They tend to be particularly useful for large growrooms owing to their exceptional light distribution.

    • Modifiable footprint width.
    • The colour spectrum can be changed, reflecting the light of different seasons.
    • A moveable lamp allows you to make small adjustments to avoid shadowing and hotspots.
    • Open-ended so doesn’t trap heat.
    • Parabolic curving creates an even diffusion of light.

    • Open ended so a small loss of light intensity.
    • Not suitable for small growrooms or tents.

    Example: Adjust-A-Wing, Powerplant Mantis.

    3. Closed-End Reflectors

    Breadbox-like in appearance, this design has four sides (as you might have guessed), with the benefit being that the lamp’s light is intense, and focused straight downwards. Heat build-up is the main drawback although certain designs such as Hortiline’s Northstar are built with a “chimney” to negate this effect. The big hydroponics greenhouses tend to use lots of small parabolic closed-end reflectors at a high height (the loss of intensity being countered by the large amount of crossover footprints).

    • High light intensity. Perfect for certain plant types.
    • Maximum efficiency.

    • Less crossover of light with multiple lamps, unless raised quite high or if used with parabolic models.
    • Build-up of heat needs attention.
    Examples: Gavita Hortistar, Hortiline Nortstar, Sun Mate Grow.

    4. Vertical Reflectors

    These are reflector designed to hold a bulb in a vertical position. Proponents swear by this system. With horizontal bulbs a good quarter to a third of the light goes straight up into the reflector before passing down again, so could be said to be less efficient than the vertical alternative. Although the light is less intense, this set-up provides a good even distribution of light over a wide area.

    • Wide, even footprints.
    • More points of light getting to the plants. Less diffusion.
    • Mid and lower level leaves more easily reached.

    • They’re open ended so a small amount of light intensity is lost.
    • Decrease in light intensity.

    Examples: Grostar Reflector, Sun King Silver

    5. Air-Cooled Reflectors

    Essentially a closed-end reflector its own internal cooling system. They’re usually – but not always – sealed with a pane of glass.

    The chief benefit of using this system is there’s significantly less heat given off in your grow room, giving the grower more control of his space (although growers should ventilate and cool their rooms already). The lamps can also be placed very close to the plants – perfect if hanging height is an issue. On the flip side this means extra fans, extra ducting, and more vigilance over air quality as there will be a constant flow of it through your reflector. It’s worth noting too much cool air around your bulb will narrow the spectrum and reduce output (particularly so with Metal Halide bulbs), so choose your model carefully.

    • Almost no excess heat generated.
    • Perfect if there are space / height issues in your grow area.

    • Between 3-5% of light gets lost through glass.
    • Dirty air will degrade your lamp / reflector sooner.
    • Cool bulbs = reduced output.
    Examples: Maxibright Gold Star, Silverstar, Growlite OG

    Other things to consider:

    There are numerous factors to take into consideration once you’ve made your purchase. The first question you’ll ask yourself if how high to set your lamps / reflectors. Regardless of what kit you’ve purchased, you will need to raise and lower your lamps through the course of your crop cycle. Seedlings require much less light than flowering plants, but equally different plant types have different needs.

    As with everything in this miserable world, reflectors don’t last forever. You may only get three or four crop cycles of use out of them – something to consider if you’re strapped for cash. The use of humidifiers will likely leave calcium deposits – especially if you live in a hard water area (tip: invest in a Reverse Osmosis machine). Eventually though, dust and deposits will make their presence felt on your reflectors – and they’re near impossible to shift without permanently scarring reflective material. (N.B. Some reflectors come with replaceable plates, saving you from replacing the entire reflector.) Any damage to your reflectors will reduce light intensity and ultimately uniformity of spread. Using a light metre or an IR camera can help you keep on top of this particular problem.


    Ultimately the much science understanding behind lighting and reflectors is an ongoing process. Different growers will swear by their favourite reflectors and there’s not much consensus as to which is best. The novice grower is advised to pick what fits your budget, and can sufficiently cover your whole grow area (will you need to buy a second or even third lamp?)

    But importantly, you need an even spread of light. An uneven distribution causes an uneven intensity of light over your crops, creating a frustrating Pushmi-pullyu scenario where the lamps are always either too near or too far. Too far and stronger stems will push through above the others – too near and your plants’ leaves will be toast. Use your eyes and learn to embrace the old method of trial and error.

  • Opticlimate Pro 3 Grow Room Climate Control Systems

    Opticlimate Pro 3 Systems

    The ultimate grow room cooling system has arrived at Holland Hydroponics.

    Yes the Opticlimate is here and available to buy in store and online and is yet another area exclusive for Holland Hydroponics, giving you even more reasons to get yourselves down to our Manchester superstore!

    Holland Hydroponics are currently developing a state of the art grow room to showcase this amazing, exclusive piece of technology. Come down to our fantastic superstore located in Ardwick, Manchester to see our Opticlimate grow room take shape or follow our blog to keep updated on all Opticlimate news- Holland Hydroponics the coldest place in Manchester this summer!!

    The manufacturer AirSupplies Holland BV is an innovative and pioneering company whose goal is to research and develop products which deliver the best performance possible.
    As part of a vast and expanding range they have developed cutting edge technology for the hydroponics industry and believe me what these products achieve is unrivalled in the industry.

    This system-

    Maintains the target temperature of the room, whatever the weather

    - Dehumidifies to reduce moisture levels
    - Cools ustilising a 740w water cooling system
    - Heats utilising 2 x 1300w ceramic heaters
    - Circulates air in the grow room
    - Equipped with light sensor, humidistat and temperature probe
    - Low noise levels – very quiet when running
    - Pre-heat and slow cool-down function to gradually ease plants into day and night cycles
    - Auto-shutdown feature protects against leakages and potential hazards
    - Water consumption of 1-2 litres per minute
    - Runs on a single phase residential mains supply
    - All from one appliance!

    The Opticlimate water cooled air conditioner unit is a complete solution for ultimate indoor climate control while using as little energy as possible. It is a one stop answer for any temperature and environmental issues, it utilises the increased ability of water to cool air and in doing so wipes the floor with air cooled air conditioning systems. It has the added bonus that the waste from the system is simply warm water which then goes down the drain or can be re-used for you plants. This means that a sealed room becomes a very accessible option.
    4 systems are available the 3500, 6000, 10000 and 15000. The systems sizes are based on the amount of light you can cool.

    - Opticlimate 3500 Pro 3 system- 6 x 600 watts or 9 x 400 watts
    - Opticlimate 6000 Pro 3 system- 10 x 600 watts or 15 x 400 watts
    - Opticlimate 10000 Pro 3 system- 16 x 600 watts or 24 x 400 watts
    - Opticlimate 15000 Pro 3 system- 24 x 600 Watts or 35 x 400 watts

    The system also has an inbuilt remote control unit to set and manage the system.

    Use the Opticlimate in conjunction with the Opticlimate Maxi controller and Dimlux extreme series ballasts for the best system for grow room control for both closed and open systems. When using the whole system you can take advantage of the plant canopy camera, CO2 sensor, temperature sensor and also humidity sensor to have a fully automatic room. You just need to provide a source of CO2.

    One Opticlimate can manage two rooms by having them on a split cycle so one on the night phase and one on the day phase and by adding in a 3 way valve and an extra temperature sensor.


    The Opticlimate has many safety features built in and also many add on options. It has a water sensor to cut off the supply if it detects any leaks. It has a fault system on the remote control, and if the temperature is too high it will adjust the operation of the system accordingly. There is also a high temperature threshold and it will dim your lights and switch off any heaters or gas generators if this happens. The system when used with a Dimlux maxi controller will also pre warm your room, dim the lights when needed and has a cool down time setting as well.

    Watch the demonstration video below to see how the Opticlimate Pro 3 system works:

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