What's On The Grow

What's On The Grow

  • Holland Hydroponics Survived The Great Manchester Run In Aid Of Royal Manchester’s Children’s Hospital

    Holland Hydroponics Manchester Run

    We thought we’d share this photo of 3 Holland Hydroponics employees Emma Sagar, Sam Thompson & Nicky Owen who took part in the Great Manchester Run at the weekend.

    It’s now Europe’s biggest 10K event with 40,000 runners of all abilities taking part and we’re pleased to say that through the blood, sweat and tears, all 3 finished but more importantly raised money for Royal Manchester’s Children’s Hospital, a worthy cause if ever there was one, and if you would still like to donate, more information can be found on hospitals charity website here.

  • Canna Nutrient Bundle: Coco A&B, Boost Accelerator & PK 13/14 - 10% Off RRP When Sold Separately

    Canna Nutrients Bundle - Coco A&B, Boost & PK 13/14

    At Holland Hydroponics we love to offer our customers the best possible prices and during May & June we're offering this amazing Canna Nutrients Bundle, aimed at the Coco grower, the bundle features the following products:

    - Canna Coco A&B – 5L Bottle
    - Canna Boost Accelerator – 1L Bottle
    - Canna PK 13/14 – 250ml Bottle

    This bundle offers 10% off the total price of the items when sold separately, giving you a saving of £8.53!

    Please note:
    This offer is only available in-store at all 4 of our branches in Manchester, Burnley, Huddersfield and Flint, please ask one of our experienced sales staff for further information.

  • 15% Off Selected Air Cooled Light Reflectors During May & June

    15% Off Air Cooled Reflectors

    As summer approaches, many indoor growers will be looking for ways to help keep the temperature within their grow rooms at the optimum level, during long summer days, its not uncommon to see temperatures sore, especially when coupled with the heat from the grow lamp and other outside influences.

    One option is to use an Air Cooled Reflector to help draw the hot air from the lamp away from your plants and out of the grow room, not only is this an excellent way to help control the temperature but also means that the lamp can be placed closer to the top of the plants canopy.

    With this in mind, as part of the May & June Special Offers at Holland Hydroponics, we’re offering 15% off selected Air Cooled Reflectors, which includes Growlite’s vertical mounted lamp, the revolutionary OG Reflector and the conventional horizontal mounted lamp, The Hood XL, both are available in 6” and 8” that can be purchased in-store and via our webstore.

  • 20% Off Kaizen Extraction Fan & Carbon Filter Kits During May & June

    Kaizen Extraction Fan & Carbon Filter Kit

    Holland Hydroponics May & June special offers are now available and the first of these amazing deals is a staggering 20% Off our Kaizen Extraction Fan & Carbon Filter Kits!

    These kits are a perfect addition as Summer approaches to help keep your grow room at the optimum temperature, they’re available from 100mm/4” through to 315mm/12” and can be purchased now, both in-store at all 4 of our branches and via our online store.

    Read on for more information about the Kaizen Extraction Fan & Carbon Filter Kits:

    The Kaizen fan & filter extraction kits are a fantastic addition to your grow space that offers amazing performance at a price that won’t break the bank, making these kits amazing value for money with no compromise on performance.

    The Kaizen extraction kits include the following items:

    - 1 x Kaizen In-Line Extraction Fan
    - 1 x Kaizen Carbon Filter
    - 1 x 10m aluminium ducting

    The Kaizen in-line extraction is fan one of best value duct fans currently available on the market today. Consisting of a strong steel carcass construction, the powerful magnetic motor offers reliable and cost effective extraction with excellent airflow, even under pressure. It also comes fitted with a UK mains plug, while the smooth flange allows easy fitting of the ducting which is secured using a jubilee clip or similar.

    While the Kaizen carbon filter offers excellent air neutralisation, containing Australian virgin mined RC-412 carbon, its the market leader for eliminating unwanted smells and odours from your grow room. The Kaizen carbon filter also offers superior airflow due to the coned base plate and increased number of vent holes per square inch, the top and bottom of the carbon filter are made from aluminium for strength while also helping to save weight.

    To help you choose the perfect size for your grow space, the Kaizen extraction kits are available in the following sizes and air exchange rates:

    - 100mm/4” – 320m3/hr
    - 120mm/5” – 400m3/hr
    - 150mm/6” – 550m3/hr
    - 200mm/8” – 1220m3/hr
    - 250mm/10” – 1550m3/hr
    - 315mm/12” – 1940m3/hr

    All Kaizen extraction fans also come with 1 years warranty.

  • 25% Off Uber Nutrient Supplements - Hi-Q, F-D-S Foliar Delivery Agent, R-N-A Foliar Spray & PYRO K

    25% Off Uber Nutrient Supplements

    At Holland Hydroponics we like to offer our customers the very best deals on hydroponic products and our latest special offer is a whopping 25% Off all Uber Nutrient Supplements, which includes:

    - Uber Hi-Q Foliar Spray
    - Uber F-D-S Foliar Delivery Agent
    - Uber R-N-A Foliar Spray
    - Uber PYRO K Flowering Booster

    Uber actively participate in innovative research and development programs which has given them an outstanding reputation for producing a unique range of products that will help your plants stay healthy, while improving the yield, flavours and aromas of your harvest.

    All our Uber supplements currently have 25% Off and are available in-store at any of our 4 branches or online via our webstore with fast and discreet shipping.

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