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  • Is Your Ducting Looking Worn Out? Replace It During Nov/Dec And Receive 30% Off!

    30% Off All Ducting

    As we all know, one of the key areas to successfully growing indoors is getting your ventilation correct, air should be extracted, depending on requirements, a minimum of 12 times an hour, and for larger, multi light set ups, adequate intake of fresh, CO2 rich, air must also be draw into the environment in order for your plants to flourish.

    Growers often look at how their intake/extraction fans are working, but attention should also be given to the condition of the ducting as over time it may develop rips, tears along with a build up of dust, dirt and grime, meaning that not all the air you thought was either being extracted or brought into the grow environment actually is.

    So if your ducting is looking a little old and worse for wear, now might be the time to replace it as during the months of November, at Holland Hydroponics we’re offering a staggering 30%, that’s right 30% off ALL ducting, that includes Aluminium, Acoustic and Combi.

  • Massive Savings On The Shogun 600w Digital Ballast & Lighting Kit During Nov/Dec

    Shogun 600w Digital Ballast & Lighting Kit

    If you’re looking to upgrade your old and tired ballast to a shiny new digital and dimmable model, then look no further than the Shogun 600w digital ballast during November and December.

    Not only is it manufactured to a high standard, giving you peace of mind when running it for long periods of time, it also features dimming functionality allowing it to be run at 60%, 75%, 100% as well as having a ‘Super’ power setting, meaning it can be boosted beyond its 600w output.

    But it doesn’t stop there, as the Shogun digital and dimmable ballast can also be purchased as a complete light kit, which includes a highly polished Euro Reflector and a BAY6 600w Dual Spectrum HPS grow lamp.

    Grab yourself a bargain and save £13 off the ballast or £15 off the full light kit before the end of year and both are available in-store and online.

  • Give Yourself A Spook-Tacular Treat This Halloween In Flint

    10% Off At Flint Over Halloween

    Have we got a Spook-Tacular treat for you this Hallows Eve, if you’re visiting our Flint Store over the Halloween Weekend and want to save 10%*, all you have to do is one simple thing, as your order is being processed, simply ask the sales staff if they would like a ‘Trick or Treat’ and they will knock 10% off your entire order.

    So if you’re wanting that new grow tent, light, extraction kit or need to top up your nutrients and supplements, visit our Flint Store over the Halloween Weekend where our friendly staff, who have over 8 years industry knowledge, will be happy to help and advise. With free parking at the rear of the store and a private loading bay, why not pay us a visit between Friday 30th October through to Sunday 1st November, say the phrase ‘Trick or Treat’ and you’ll save 10%*, it really is that easy!

    And don’t forget the Price Match Guarantee, as our Flint Store will match any like for like product that’s available throughout the whole of Wales along with Chester.

    * 10% Off Exclusions Apply which are as follows:

    - Excludes Manchester, Huddersfield, Burnley and online
    - Existing offers and clearance products are not included in this offer. Please see in store for details
    - Brands/Products excluded from this offer include Puma, Canna Boost, Shogun Fertilisers and Cyco

    Unit 1 Flint Trade Park
    Holywell Road
    Flint, North Wales
    CH6 5RR
    T: 0845 872 0565

  • Introducing Kind K3 & K5 LED Indoor Grow Lamps

    Kind LED Grow Lights

    Coming straight from the USA, here at Holland Hydroponics we’re ecstatic to bring you these fantastic LED Grow Lamps from Kind LED.

    Through many years of research and development to push the LED grow lamp technology further, Kind have brought to the market 2 models, the K3 and K5 Series, with a total of 5 different wattage outputs, meaning there’s an optimum lamp to suit all grow spaces.

    The K3 Series is aimed more at smaller grow spaces or budgets and is an inexpensive way to delve into the world of LED grow lamps. Powered by 3 watt LED’s that use a 12 band perfect spectrum, meaning they can be used for both vegetative growth and flowering cycles. They also stop plants stretching by promoting tighter growth between internodes, with fruits and flowers being hearty and dense while pushing yields beyond what LED grow lamps have previously been able to achieve.

    The K3 series by Kind is available in 3 different versions; all feature 2cm thick aluminum heat sinks and quiet running fans to dissipate any generated heat. Then there’s the secondary optical lens which magnifies PAR levels making the light intensity greater with increased canopy penetration, allowing the light to reach further down the plants.

    Kind LED K5 XL750

    Kind then took the success of the K3 Series, and with further research and development, the K5 Series was released, an LED grow lamp with improved power, light intensity and functionality.

    Although on the exterior, at first glance the K3 and K5 series look similar as both use the secondary optical lens plus similar heat sinks and fans, but dig a little deeper and the difference between the two is quite staggering.

    Firstly, the actual LED’s are an optimal mix of 3 and 5 watt, which produce an increased level of usable light, intensity and canopy penetration. There’s also no need for additional timers or lighting contactors with the K5 as the on/off light schedules can be programmed directly into the unit.

    In addition, one of the most interesting aspects of the K5 Series is the inclusion of the Mother Earth functionality; this mimics sunrise and sunset by slowly waking the plants up in the morning until reaching the lights peak intensity, then gradually dimming the lights for sunset.

    Kind also introduced a Remote Control into the K5 Series. Although it may sound like a gimmick, its a welcome addition as you can control every aspect of the light, from when it switches on/off, the Mother Earth functions and the ability to change the spectrum of light emitted depending what stage your plants are at. All these functions can be carried out with just a few clicks of the remote control, meaning there’s no need to perform any death-defying acrobatics over your plants canopy, which could quite easily end in disaster is you slip or fall, keeping you and your plants safe.

    Kind XL750 LED Grow Lamp

    The K3 Series has the following basic specifications:

    K3 L300
    HID Equivalent: 300 watt
    Actual Power Draw: 220 watts
    Price: £425.95

    K3 L450:
    HID Equivalent: 450 watt
    Actual Power Draw: 270 watts
    Price: £529.95

    K3 L600:
    HID Equivalent: 600 watt
    Actual Power Draw: 320 watts
    Price: £639.95

    While the K5 Series has the following basic specifications:

    K5 XL750
    HID Equivalent: 750 watt
    Actual Power Draw: 430 watts
    Price: £899.95

    K5 XL1000
    HID Equivalent: 1000 watt
    Actual Power Draw: 650 watts
    Price: £1199.95

    So there you have it, although this article is only a basic overview of what the K3 and K5 LED grow lamp’s offer, there’s no denying, both are serious contenders to the hydroponics world.

    Kind LED grow lamps are now available to buy from Holland Hydroponics both in-store and online and if you visit our Manchester branch, we have the XL750 set up where one of our members of staff will be happy to talk you through it.

    You can also view the K3 Series and K5 Series over on our online store and below there's a couple of informative videos that are worthy of a watch.

  • We Are Hiring: Retail Position Also Available In Our Burnley Store

    We are hiring in Burnley

    Yet another fantastic opportunity has arisen to join Holland Hydroponics who are the largest hydroponics retailer in the North and also an expanding and dynamic company. We are looking to recruit an experienced horticultural retail sales assistant, this time in our Burnley store. We need a highly enthusiastic sales assistant, who can listen to their customer’s needs, someone who is friendly and approachable. We need a problem solver, someone who isn’t afraid to find an answer or make a decision.

    We are looking for:

    • - Retail experience
    • - Sales and customer service focus
    • - Horticultural knowledge
    • - Team leading skills
    • - Merchandising skills
    • - Point of sale experience
    • - Great team players who can also work under their own initiative

    The role:
    Front line retail staff are required. An understanding of horticulture and hydroponics knowledge would also be preferred but not essential The working week is any 5 out of 7 days. You will receive all of the usual benefits and also receive extensive training in our field of expertise; you will be given all the knowledge you need to become one of our growing experts. From time to time you may be required to work at one of our other stores. The role also includes heavy lifting at times. Uniform will be provided.

    If you feel you have the necessary experience and skills for this role, please call our recruitment hotline on 0161 818 4645. Please state clearly which job role and in which store you are applying for.

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