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  • Kind LED, IWS 6 Pot, 4 Pot AutoPot, Canna Boost, Can Q-Max & More To Be Won At Our 20th Birthday Celebration

    Holland Hydroponics 20th Birthday prizes

    With our 20th Birthday Bash just over one week away, we’re taking a look at all the different prizes we have to offer on the day thanks to our generous suppliers.

    Ikon International have donated a Kind LED K5 XL 1000 light, worth £1199.95. Utilising a 12 band light spectrum, this light is perfect for both vegetative growth and flowering. The new Mother Earth functionality mimics natural sunrise and sunset lighting, meaning your plants receive the peak intensity of light for the perfect about of time. What’s more, a remote control allows you to access the lighting and timing controls without having to reach over your plants.

    From Nutriculture we have an IWS 6 Pot Pro worth £480, a complete kit that can be used with a variety of growing media and takes the hassle out of manual watering; Rhino Carbon Filter, made with Australian mined RC412 carbon, the perfect addition to keep an odourless room; and Green Power light contactor, a robust product used to control your lighting periods without burning out.

    Renowned nutrient manufacturer Canna will also be donating 125ml bottles of their tried and tested Canna Boost Accelerator, this invaluable product helps with the uptake and absorption of available nutrients which is a must have supplement for bountiful fruit and flower production.

    We also have a 4 Pot AutoPot System from AutoPot themselves. Worth £98.95, this system is extremely adaptable: it can be used for a range of plant types and is easily extendable. Fill a tank with water and liquid feed and this AutoPot system will take care of everything else.

    HydroGarden have a Can Q-Max AC Fan to give away, with the option of choosing an 8”, 10” or 12”. A robust, metal cased fan, the Can Q-Max AC is lightweight and has an integrated speed controller that allows for 3 speed variations.

    Also on the prize list is a 6” Goldstar Air-cooled Reflector, DNA Mills Starter Pack, Plant Vitality Coco Nutrient Bundle, Plantlife Bundle plus more still to be confirmed!

    As you can see, we have a lot of incredible prizes to give away, and you can get that chance just by attending our 20th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday 14th May at Holland Hydroponics Manchester. Are you feeling lucky?

  • Grab Your 20% Off Voucher At Our 20th Birthday Celebrations!

    Grab your 20% Off Voucher

    Holland Hydroponics Manchester is having a 20th Birthday Bash on Saturday 14th May! We’ll be spending the day celebrating our 20th anniversary alongside some of our suppliers, and all our customers are invited to join in on the fun and games!

    Our first store opened in Heywood in 1996, and since then we have opened stores in Manchester, Burnley, Huddersfield and Flint – all with the help of our loyal customers.

    To say thank you we wanted to give something back, so on the day you’ll receive a voucher with a huge 20% discount to spend at the Manchester Store. The voucher will be valid from 14th May 2016 to 21st May 2016 (T&C’s apply).

    In addition to this, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to speak to some of the top brands within Hydroponics - including Nutriculture, AutoPot, Ikon International, Hydro Industry Direct, Canna and HydroGarden – and thee's also a chance to win a range of fab prizes throughout the day on our Spin the Wheel game. Plus we’ve also got a Rodeo Bull, Sumo Wrestling and a DJ so there’s plenty going on for everyone.

    The party will be taking place Saturday 14th May from 11am-4pm, and you can find us at 17 Rondin Road, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 6BF. It’s certainly a day not to be missed!!

  • A Spotlight On Holland Hydroponics Flint With Store Manager Russ

    Holland Hydroponics in Flint, North Wales opened its doors nearly 3 years ago during May 2013, located on the A458, its easily accessible from the North Wales artery road, the A55. Store manager Russ took on this new role during April 2015, now he’s had time to settle in, we thought it was about time we had a chat about life in Flint, popular products and what the future holds for the hydroponic industry.

    Holland Hydroponics - Flint Store Counter

    Hi Russ, firstly tell us how long have you been the manager of the Flint store?

    I’ve been the manager at Holland Hydroponics for around 9 months, but I’ve been working in the hydroponics industry for approximately 10 years and have extensive knowledge of hydroponic systems, nutrient ranges and full system set ups! Any problem I’m your guy!

    Who else works at Flint to help you with the day-to-day running?

    Working with me here are my supervisor Debra, and sales assistant Linda, who are both very pleasant, polite and helpful, either on the phone or in store and also have knowledge of our in store products and services.

    Compared to Manchester, Flint is a relatively small store, meaning you can’t physically carry as much stock, so how does this affect the customer and can special orders me made for anything you don’t generally hold?

    At Flint, we stock the essentials and basic needs of today’s grower plus we’re able to accommodate for larger set ups as we supply a wide product range, plus anything we don’t have, we can get for you, usually within a couple of days, so if we haven’t got it, we will get it!!!!! We also have regular discount days, only recently we had a 10% off on the Valentines weekend, so there are always bargains on offer!

    Holland Hydroponics - Flint Store Entrance

    Although based in North Wales, do customers travel from out of the area, for example Chester, the Wirral or further a field?

    Even though we are based in North Wales, we do get a lot of our customers travelling from Cheshire, Wirral, even South Wales, and sometimes further afield. We are seeing many returning faces and building a fantastic customer base that goes to show our expertise and commitment to the trade. We also price match these area’s too so we can compete with your usual grow shop.

    What are your opening times, also what parking and customer loading facilities do you have?

    At Flint we are open:

    Monday to Saturday - 10am to 5.30pm
    Sunday - 11am to 4pm

    We are only closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Easter Sunday!!!!! Yes, we work hard!

    There is also ample parking spaces at the front of the shop, plus we have a rear car park with a loading bay area for collecting those larger orders.

    Soil or Coco, what’s the more popular method of growing to the Flint customers?

    Soil or coco???? This is one of the big questions we get. We find it’s a personal preference, with both mediums having their pros and cons, but coco seems to be the winner around here, soil however is catching up fast.

    What about hydroponics, do you have customers who prefer to grow in water and what are the more popular systems?

    There does seem to be rise in the use of hydroponic systems with the customers in Flint and I’d say IWS and Wilma systems are currently the most popular choice.

    Holland Hydroponics - Flint Store

    The choice of which nutrients to use can, at times, be a regional thing, what’s popular in Manchester, may not be in Sheffield, so what would you say are the more popular base nutrients and supplements to the customers of Flint?

    Here in North Wales, we find that Canna and the new Shogun range of nutrients are the more popular choices. Holland’s are one of the few authorised dealers of Shogun Fertilisers in Wales, we find its selling really well and we’re getting some amazing feedback on its results. Dutch Pro is another popular choice with the customers in Flint and we also receive wonderful support from the sales reps too.

    Hydroponics can be confusing for first timers with different grow systems, lights, tents, the list goes on, so for someone starting out for the very first time, what set up, grow medium and nutrients would you recommend if they had a £500 budget?

    Starting up a grow system for the first time can be confusing, but here we can give you all the advice you need, with helpful tips on how to work within a budget, yet still get great results. Recommended would be our BAY6 complete starter kit, which includes all the essentials for a decent set up such as a Grow Tent, HPS lighting system, Intake and Extraction fan, Carbon Filter, plus other bits and bobs. This starts at £199 for a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m tent bundle and is an ideal size for a first timer. The only decision to then make is what grow medium and nutrient range will be used, which we can discuss with the customer and tailor the choice to their experience and requirements.

    And finally, what product or products do you see having the biggest impact on the hydroponics industry over the next 12 months?

    In the next twelve months, we at Flint think that LED Grow Lights are going to be having a big impact on the hydroponics industry. Prices are coming down, there is more choice of brands, more information available and high quality products on the market. The feedback we have been hearing is all positive. We currently have on display a KIND LED which is proving very popular t not only Flint, but at all the stores, along with the well-known Budmaster range. As I mentioned we’re open every day so pop in for a nosey, we can give demonstrations and can talk you through both old and new products.

    Holland Hydroponics Flint is located at Unit 1 Flint Trade Park, Holywell Road, CH6 5RR and can be contacted by phone on 0161 276 9633. If you've yet to visit the store, you can check out a 360 degree virtual tour below:

  • New VitaLink Turbo – 250ml & 1L Bottles Now In Stock

    VitaLink Turbo

    VitaLink have an ever increasing range of nutrients and additives, specially designed to enhance the growth and bloom of plants. Their latest addition to the range, and now in stock at Holland Hydroponics, is the new booster VitaLink Turbo. Just £19.80 for 250ml and £59.40 for 1L.

    If you’re looking for something to give your plants that little extra oomph, the new VitaLink Turbo booster could be just the thing you need. Containing L-amino acids for building protein and brassinosteroids to stimulate cell division and elongation, VitaLink Turbo helps to give plants a considerable boost, increasing both the size of the plant and the flower quickly.

    It doesn't matter which system you are using as VitaLink Turbo can be used in soil, coco and hydro. Use half way through the vegetative growth period, and throughout the first 7 weeks of bloom to see results.

    You can find the rest of the VitaLink range in stock here.

  • May Bank Holiday Opening Hours

    May Bank Holiday 2016

    Spring has arrived bringing us better weather and not just one, but two bank holidays in May – the perfect excuse to spend all day working on your grow room!

    Preventing Grow Room Diseases

    As the days get warmer, you might want to take a look at your defence against grow room diseases. Regularly cleaning all areas with disinfectant, using sticky traps and carrying out visual checks helps to avoid unwanted pests, but what about disease?

    The Proactive Self Defence works as a prevention rather than a cure when used during vegetative growth and flowering. Think of it like taking a multivitamin to ward off colds or illnesses – the selection of enzymes in the mixture prevent the growth of disease before it can take hold, giving you healthier and stronger plants from the get go.

    Holland Hydroponics May Bank Holiday Opening Hours

    We know how important it can be to replace a product quickly so all four of our stores - Manchester, Burnley, Huddersfield and Flint – are still open on both bank holidays over the following hours:

    Monday 2nd May: 11am – 4pm
    Monday 30th May: 11am – 4 pm

    Ordering online? Please keep in mind that any orders made over the bank holiday weekends will not be dispatched until the following Tuesdays, on the 3rd and 31st May respectively.

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