What's On The Grow

What's On The Grow

  • Free In-Store pH Calibration & Buffering Service For Your Nutrient Testing Equipment

    Free pH Calibration & Buffering Service

    We all know, when growing in hydroponics, how important it is to have your nutrient solution at the correct pH level, too high or too low, the roots of your plants won’t be able to absorb the correct amount of nutrients that will ultimately lead to deficiencies, sick and underachieving plants.

    That’s why at Holland Hydroponics we’re offering a FREE pH Calibration & Buffering Service, simply bring your nutrient testing equipment into one of our 4 stores and we’ll make sure it’s calibrated correctly for FREE, giving you the confidence that when testing your nutrient solution, you’ll know the reading is accurate and that your pH is at the actual required level.

    pH and nutrient management products, including pH/EC meters, pH adjusters, calibration/cleaning solutions are available now both in-store and online, and don't forget, during March/April, if you purchase a Kaizen Digital pH Meter, you'll get a 300ml bottle of Buffer 7 for FREE!

  • Holland Hydroponics Easter Weekend 2015 Opening & Delivery Times

    Holland Hydroponics Easter 2015 Opening Times

    Easter will be upon this weekend and for the very first time Holland Hydroponics will be extending its opening hours at all 4 of our branches in Manchester, Burnley, Huddersfield and Flint, which includes Good Friday and Easter Monday.

    The opening times are as follows:

    Thursday 2nd April – 10am-5.30pm
    Good Friday 3rd April – 11am-4.00pm
    Saturday 4th April – 10am-5.30pm
    Easter Sunday 5th April – CLOSED
    Easter Monday 6th April – 11am-4.00pm
    Tuesday 7th April – 10am-5.30pm

    For mailorder, to guarantee delivery for Easter, please make sure your order is placed before 6pm on Tuesday 31st March, orders placed after this time will not be dispatched until Tuesday 7th April.

  • Kaizen Digital pH Meter Only £29.95 With FREE 300ml Bottle Of Buffer 7 During March & April

    Kaizen Digital pH Meter with Free 300ml Buffer 7

    When growing in soiless or hydroponic systems, it’s imperative that your nutrient solution is at the required pH, too high or too low will result in unhealthy plants, stunted growth and poor yields.

    The Kaizen Digital pH Meter is an ideal addition to your grow room, it accurately measures pH levels in liquid solutions using increments of 0.1pH and is displayed on an easy to read LED screen. It’s easy to use and shows instant results so you know your nutrient solution will always be at the perfect pH.

    During March & April 2015, when you purchase the Kaizen Digital pH Meter you’ll also receive a 300ml bottle of Buffer 7 calibration solution for FREE which, with having a fixed pH of 7, is used to test your meter is reading accurate at all times.

    You can purchase the Kaizen Digital pH Meter for just £29.95 in-store and online from our webstore.

  • 10% Off BioBizz Organic Nutrients & Supplements During March & April!

    10% Off BioBizz Organic Nutrients

    Along with 15% Off Lighting Contactors, during the Holland Hydroponics March & April special offers we’re also offering 10% off the entire BioBizz Nutrient and Supplement range, products include:

    - BioBizz Bio Grow
    - BioBizz Bio Bloom
    - BioBizz Bio Heaven
    - BioBizz Root Juice
    - BioBizz Topmax
    - BioBizz Fish Mix
    - BioBizz Leaf Coat
    - BioBizz Alg-A-Mic

    BioBizz is often the number one choice for gardeners who wish to grow organically in soil with the nutrient range being OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified.

    These high quality nutrients from BioBizz also enhance the flavours and aromas of the final harvest and are now available with 10% off during March/April, either in-store at any of our 4 branches or online via our webstore with fast and discreet shipping.

  • 15% Off Lighting Contactors During March & April

    15% Off Lighting Contactors

    As part of our March/April bi-monthly special offers, here at Holland Hydroponics we’re offering 15% off our Lighting Contactors with 2-way systems starting at just £55.25!

    Why use a lighting contactor?

    Lighting contactors are an essential item for any indoor grow room that uses HPS & MH lamps to keep your space safe and to reduce the risk of fire when turning powerful lighting systems on and off. They achieve this by bypassing the electrical load away from the built in timer, allowing for a safer and a more controlled method of controlling your lights.

    Standard segmental timers just aren’t up to this challenge as they will often fail, or at worst, start a fire, due to not be able to cope with the electrical load when the lamp is turned on, so keep your grow room safe and use a dedicated lighting contactor to control your HPS & MH lamps.

    These heavy duty and reliable lighting contactors feature:

    - Professional 24hr, 48 segment timer, interval is 15 minutes
    - Universal wall hanging bracket
    - International style of output sockets
    - Sturdy and robust powder coated case
    - Supplied with 1m heavy duty mains lead

    And are available in 4 sizes:

    - 2 Way = 2 x 600w
    - 4 Way = 4 x 600w
    - 6 Way = 6 x 600w
    - 8 Way = 8 x 600w

    You can purchase these lighting contactors on our webstore, or in-store at any of our branches in Manchester, Burnley, Huddersfield and Flint.

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