What's On The Grow

What's On The Grow

  • 10% Off BioBizz Organic Nutrients & Supplements During March & April!

    10% Off BioBizz Organic Nutrients

    Along with 15% Off Lighting Contactors, during the Holland Hydroponics March & April special offers we’re also offering 10% off the entire BioBizz Nutrient and Supplement range, products include:

    - BioBizz Bio Grow
    - BioBizz Bio Bloom
    - BioBizz Bio Heaven
    - BioBizz Root Juice
    - BioBizz Topmax
    - BioBizz Fish Mix
    - BioBizz Leaf Coat
    - BioBizz Alg-A-Mic

    BioBizz is often the number one choice for gardeners who wish to grow organically in soil with the nutrient range being OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified.

    These high quality nutrients from BioBizz also enhance the flavours and aromas of the final harvest and are now available with 10% off during March/April, either in-store at any of our 4 branches or online via our webstore with fast and discreet shipping.

  • 15% Off Lighting Contactors During March & April

    15% Off Lighting Contactors

    As part of our March/April bi-monthly special offers, here at Holland Hydroponics we’re offering 15% off our Lighting Contactors with 2-way systems starting at just £55.25!

    Why use a lighting contactor?

    Lighting contactors are an essential item for any indoor grow room that uses HPS & MH lamps to keep your space safe and to reduce the risk of fire when turning powerful lighting systems on and off. They achieve this by bypassing the electrical load away from the built in timer, allowing for a safer and a more controlled method of controlling your lights.

    Standard segmental timers just aren’t up to this challenge as they will often fail, or at worst, start a fire, due to not be able to cope with the electrical load when the lamp is turned on, so keep your grow room safe and use a dedicated lighting contactor to control your HPS & MH lamps.

    These heavy duty and reliable lighting contactors feature:

    - Professional 24hr, 48 segment timer, interval is 15 minutes
    - Universal wall hanging bracket
    - International style of output sockets
    - Sturdy and robust powder coated case
    - Supplied with 1m heavy duty mains lead

    And are available in 4 sizes:

    - 2 Way = 2 x 600w
    - 4 Way = 4 x 600w
    - 6 Way = 6 x 600w
    - 8 Way = 8 x 600w

    You can purchase these lighting contactors on our webstore, or in-store at any of our branches in Manchester, Burnley, Huddersfield and Flint.

  • March/April Product Offers – Tents, Lighting Systems & BAY6 Tent Bundles For Less Than £200!

    BAY6 - Tents, Lighting Systems & BAY6 Tent Bundles

    At Holland Hydroponics we like to bring you bi-monthly offers on select products and during the months of March/April we’ve got amazing offers on Tents, Tent Bundles and Lighting Systems!

    The new BAY6 Grow Tents start at just £64.95 for a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m, or if you’re wanting something a little bigger, the 2.4m x 1.2m x 2m is available for only £119.95!

    Key features of the BAY6 Grow Tent include:

    - Lightproof & waterproof
    - 95% ultra reflective dimpled silver-mylar interior
    - Military SBS zip using 'old school straight door' design
    - Powder coated steel poles and strong plastic 3 point corners
    - Multiple intake and exhaust vents
    - Can be fully assembled in approximately 15 minutes

    If you’re after more than just a tent and want a complete set up, including light, extraction and everything you need to get you up and running, then look no further than our BAY6 Grow Tent Bundles.

    Available with 1.2m or 2.4m tents, the BAY6 Tent Bundles include the following:

    - 600w lighting system with lamp, ballast and reflector
    - Kaizen carbon filter
    - VK extraction fan & eco intake fan
    - Aluminium ducting
    - Heavy duty timer
    - Rope Ratchet
    - Cables, jubilee clips & plug

    1.2m Grow Tent Bundle is just £199.95
    2.4m Grow Tent Bundle is just £299.95

    Or if you’re just wanting a new lighting system, look no further than the Puma 600w Complete, for just £49.95, you get the following:

    - 600w magnetic ballast
    - 600w dual spectrum HPS lamp
    - Puma euro style reflector
    - 1 year warranty

    This Puma 600w Lighting System is amazing quality at a fantastic price that even comes with a 1 year warranty.

    All these items, plus a whole lot more, are available both in-store and via the Holland Hydroponics online store.

  • DNA Mills Ultimate Coco With Cork Now In Stock!

    DNA Mills Ultimate Coco With Cork

    At Holland Hydroponics we like to bring you the latest growing products and we’re proud to announce we’re now stocking the brand new DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork.

    Mills of Amsterdam and DNA have teamed up to bring us this new amazing & innovative grow medium. Manufactured in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork is of a premium quality, the raw ingredients of the coco and organic nutrients are 100% natural, these are then infused with natural cork to give an ultimate growing medium to maximise your plants growth, health and final harvest of your fruits, vegetables or flowers.

    But why use cork in a grow medium? Cork is proven to have outstanding aeration, so no need to add perlite or similar, it also helps with rapid development of the root system and we all know how important healthy roots to your plants are, the healthier the root zone, the uptake of useable nutrients will be improved.

    The advantages of using DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork:

    - Manufactured using high grade, 100% natural raw ingredients
    - Cork allows rapid root development and high aeration (additional perlite not required)
    - Combined with Mills Organic Nutrients to supply a natural base feed to your plants
    - Ready to use both indoors and outdoors

    DNA Mills Ultimate Coco With Cork is available in 50L bags and available now from our online store.

  • 25% Off The Entire CYCO Nutrient & Supplement Range

    25% Off CYCO Nutrients & Supplements

    At Holland Hydroponics we always aim to bring you the amazing deals and special offers, and this month is no exception as we’re offering a staggering 25%, yes that’s right, 25% OFF the entire CYCO nutrient and supplement range that is available online and in-store at all 4 of our branches.

    CYCO source only the best ingredients for their products, which includes both the Grow & Bloom base nutrients, through to supplements, additives and boosters, to keep your plants healthy during veg and bloom while pushing the yield of your harvest to its potential and beyond.

    Check out our online store for the full CYCO range that includes a massive 25% off, meanwhile here’s a quick rundown of the available nutrients and supplements.

    Grow A&B
    Bloom A&B
    Dr Repair
    Potash Plus
    B1 Boost
    Cyco XL

    Caution: CYCO is extremely addictive….to plants!

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