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  • Spectrum King 400+ Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp Now In Stock

    Spectrum King LED Grow Lamp

    The Spectrum King LED Lighting System is finally here at Holland Hydroponics!

    But how does the Spectrum King differ from other LED grow lamps? Rather than emitting a red & blue light spectrum, which looks a pinkish colour, the Spectrum King instead emits a full spectrum of light, including those that can’t be seen by the human eye, resulting in an intense ‘white’ light that your plants will not only love, as it mimics natural sunlight, it’ll also help push yields beyond the usual expectation.

    At Holland Hydroponics, we currently stock the 400+ unit, rated at just 440w its the equivalent of running a single 1000w HPS, which is more than twice the size but with a fraction of the running costs. The Spectrum King also has no moving parts, meaning no cooling fans can fail allowing LED clusters to burn out and with it being a sealed unit with an IP65 rating, the lamp can be cleaned with a garden hose to keep it clean and dust free in-between grows.

    The Spectrum King full spectrum LED grow light can be purchased both in-store or online, and if you would like a full demonstration of this new generation of LED grow lamp, pop into our Manchester store where we currently have one on display which our experienced staff will be happy to talk you through.

  • 600w HPS Kaizen Lighting Kit Just £50 + Buy 5 Get 1 Free!

    Kaizen 600w Light Kit - Buy 5 get 1 free

    If you’re after a complete 600w HPS lighting system then take a look at this fantastic Kaizen bundle, perfect for growers who are operating on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, previously retailed at £69.95, we’ve now slashed the price of this 600w lighting kit to just £50.00!

    And that’s not all, if you’re after multiple lighting systems for larger grow set ups, if you buy 5, you’ll get 1 complete 600w Kaizen lighting kit for FREE! Previously the price for 6 kits would have been £419.70, but during this offer period, you can grab them for just £250.00, that’s a saving of £169.70!

    The 600w HPS Kaizen lighting kit includes:

    - 600w Kaizen Magnetic Ballast
    - 600w Lumen8 Dual Spectrum HPS grow lamp
    - Euro style reflector with 2 hanging lugs
    - Fantastic price with no compromise on quality

    This fantastic offer is available now both in-store and online.

  • Shogun Fertilisers Samurai Terra Grow & Bloom + Katana Roots Now Available

    Shogun Fertiliser - Samurai Terra Grow / Bloom & Katana Roots

    Finally, the ever popular Shogun Fertilisers have released the much anticipated Grow & Bloom base nutrients specifically developed for all soil mediums.

    Shogun Fertilisers Samurai Terra Grow & Bloom was developed in the UK using UK water and with all their base nutrients, Samurai Terra features their esteemed SmartZen Maximiser technology, a special formula that’s already used, and proven to help increase yields, in their Hydro & Coco range.

    And that’s not all, as joining the party is Shogun Fertilisers Katana Roots, a product that’s been in rigorous development for a while and is now available to the masses.

    Katana Roots targets the root zone to promote not only rapid growing, but also healthy and strong white roots, as healthy roots means that any available nutrients are easily absorbed which results in healthy plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

    Samurai Terra Grow & Bloom and Katana Roots are available now both in-store and online.

  • Variispeed Fan Speed Controller Only £8 During July & August

    Variispeed Fan Speed Controller Offer

    Are you looking for a cost effective and simple way to vary the speed of your intake or extraction fan? Then look now further than the Variispeed Fan Speed Controller as during July & August they are just £8, that’s a whopping 20% off the RRP.

    The Variispeed Fan Speed Controller can run a fan of up to 300w or 8”/200mm in size and it couldn’t be easier to set up. Simply plug your fan into the unit, then plug the unit into your timer or straight into the mains supply and that’s it, no need for probes or additional wiring and the fan speed is then set manually to the desired level by using the dial on the front.

    The Variispeed Fan Speed Controller is available both in-store and online from our webstore.

  • Nick Owen Competes At The Twentyfour12 Bike Race This Weekend In Aid Of Crohn’s & Colitis

    Nick Owen & his mountain bike

    Holland Hydroponics employee Nick Owen will be taking part in the gruelling Bontrager Twentyfour12 Mountain Bike Race that takes place this weekend (25th-26th July 2015) on a purpose built, 14km course in Newnham Park, Plymouth.

    Nick has entered the 24 hour race category which starts at midday on the Saturday, he’s been training rigorously over the last few months in preparation for this event, which he is doing to raise money for The National Association for Crohn’s and Colitis (NACC), and if your in the area, why not pop along to support Nick & the other riders as entry is free.

    If your feeling generous, you can still sponsor Nick over on his Thanks Giving page at www.justgiving.com/Nickowen55/ and he would like to thank Holland Hydroponics for their continued support on the build up to this event.

    Wishing Nick the best of luck!

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