Budmaster II HPS-2 LED Grow Light


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Budmaster II HPS LED Grow Lights

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The Budmaster HPS LED (High Pressure Sunlight) gives a primarily white light source that will provide brilliant yields year after year.

Budmaster have combined a flat sunlight like peak for all colours in the spectrum, and then boosted the primary photosynthesis driving colours of blue and red to ensure maximum stimulation. The infra-red has been moderated to stop your plants from stretching too much.

The durable chassis has a lower degradation level, thus gives a much longer lifespan than usual. The Osram LEDs used are designed to be on for long periods of time. They have an amazing 100,000 hours lifespan, with minimal drop in output over time. Less than 1% per year with the cooling system!

A combination of 6 different Osram diodes give a multispectrum light for both growth and bloom. The PPFD output comes out between 200-300% more than traditional 3w LEDs. Whilst the HC COB LEDs are targeted at people who want more coverage, the HPS gives better penetration.

The triple layer MCPCB gives maximum strength and better heat dissipation thanks to the aluminium base layer. Thermal pads also help to effectively eliminate possible thermal spikes. All components come with UL and ROHS Certification.

All tough 1.2mm thick steel cases are designed within the UK, and come with a reflective powder coating finish that is UV, water and grease proof, as well as heat resistant. Low noise fans have been used, and these are also waterproof with IP68 rating, and UL, ROHS and CE approved.

Please Note:
The different models of Budmaster LED Grow Lamps aren’t always in stock so there may be a slight delay in the dispatch. For more information on availability, collection or delivery times, give us a call on 0161 273 5995.

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Budmaster II HPS-2 LED
Budmaster II HPS-4 LED
Budmaster II HPS-6 LED
Budmaster II HPS-8 LED
Budmaster II HPS-9 LED

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