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Product List

CYCO Platinum Range comes to Hollands


CYCO PLATINUM SERIES - Nutrients and Additives come to Hollands…


After seeing the success of the Cyco Platinum series in other countries, and recognising the interest at Grow 2011, Hollands are pleased to announce the eagerly awaited arrival of the CYCO Platinum series in store NOW!


Cyco nutrients are developed and researched by leading Australian chemists and plant physiologists encompassing the finest British pharmaceutical ingredients, industry leading products and the highest quality and consistency available.


All the usual products ranges will be available including GROW, Bloom and Boost in addition to plant health additives. The jewel in the crown of Cyco products has to be the CYCO Prokit - with all the nutrients and additives from the range supplied in one box - designed and developed to work in unison.


In addition to this Cyco products come certified with the APVMA AGVET code which is put in place as a co-operative statutory scheme for the evaluation, registration and control of agricultural (and veterinary) chemical products.


The first delivery of CYCO products is now in stock - click below to see the information on the full range and prices! 

See the full range at: