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Hydromag  is a bimonthly magazine for indoor growers. The editors are "passionate about home horticulture, urban farming, sustainability, energy independence and free thinking". The physical magazine can be found in our shops when we have supplies but you can always access their archives of past issues on their website for free.

Water quality is very important for plant health and to precise formulation of nutrient mixes. The pH of the water determines which nutrients you choose, some brands are made in two styles, one for low pH or "soft water" and another for high pH or "hard water". This UK government site gives a map of local water hardness.

Databases - what, why, where, who and when?

The BBC Plant Finder is a very useful resource. Look up detailed information about thousands of plants using their searchable database - you will find descriptions of the plants and tips about growing them.

The RHS Plant Finder is a searchable database of plants and the specialist nurseries that sell them. If you lust after an obscure plant and think you can't get it anywhere then try looking with the RHS Plant Finder. The link is on the "Plants" page but there is plenty of interesting stuff all over the website.

For the economic uses of plants, whether for food, dyes, medicine, roofing or any of the strange uses humans have had for plants try browsing the Plants for a Future Database.


The National Vegetable Society is a registered charity and has a vast amount of information on their website, including a wide range of articles written by its fellow members. These articles, along with a  heaps of advice and the latest news, can all be found on the NVS website.

If the wackier beasts and vegetables of the natural world interest you then have a look at Wayne's Word (not the World).

Devon County Council have a site about Japanese Knotweed - Britain's most invasive non-native plant. This web site is designed to help you find the information you need to help you recognise and deal with Japanese Knotweed, and its relatives. For information on other invasive non-native species like the Rhododendron, Giant Hogweed, Ring-Necked Parakeets and Ruddy Ducks - have a look at the website of the GB non-native species secretariat.

Here is an informative article about pruning techniques from the Texas A&M University. Proper pruning enhances the beauty of almost any landscape tree and shrub, while improper pruning can ruin or greatly reduce its landscape potential.

An excellent series of articles about growing chrysanthemums by hydroponic culture by Eric Anderton.


For the latest news releases in agricultural sciences try Eurekalert, who give a classified science news service. New Scientist has more in-depth articles and their own characteristic spin on news stories. For the dedicated science fan abstracts of research papers can be found on PubMed.

As well as the excellent BBC Gardening section, don't forget the Science and Environment sections of the BBC News website.

The USDA Agricultural Research Service news archive keeps you up to date on the latest developments in plant improvement and marketing.

Garden ideas

Take a look at the Suite 101's Garden Design articles page for well-written articles on all aspects of garden design. If you wish that you could get some help and advice free from other gardeners, then try Suite 101's Garden Center which has chat rooms between gardeners and useful articles - all free of charge. The garden center is just one section of this American site where "Real People Help Real People".

If you are looking for a good magazine specifically about the quintessential English garden, we suggest you visit English Garden - the magazine for everyone who loves beautiful gardens!

Country Gardener magazine. Each edition of this popular free magazine is now picked up by over 15,000 gardeners and country-loving people in each county/area, it covers (Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Somerset and Cotswolds).

The American Garden Designer site has some very useful links, including the use of the USDA Plant Database and other plant care information. The United States Department of Agriculture Plant Database can also be found at the USDA.

The Historic Gardens Review is the voice of historic parks and gardens worldwide, and is published three times a year by the Historic Gardens Foundation. The print version is sent to all members of the foundation. In order to receive the print version of the review, you must first become a member of the foundation. Members also receive a newsletter three times a year, containing event information and special offers on book and garden visits.