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Product List

Sciarid Fly Predators

Cat No: DP36
Sciarid Fly Predators

Sciarid Fly (Fungus Fly) are tiny black flies the size of a midge.

The grubs live in the growing medium and eat roots and rotted vegetable matter. They especially like the tender rootlets that are the most important to the plant and the grubs are quickest at killing seedlings and cuttings. The adults are often seen flitting annoyingly around the plant just above the soil. Yellow sticky traps will warn of an infestation by catching some of the adults - if they are placed low down amongst the plants, near the growing medium. The predator we sell is yet another mite that lives in the soil and eats the sciarid grubs. With food to eat they can survive for 4-5 months. Without food they can wait several weeks lying in ambush for any new invaders. 10,000 in 500ml.

Should not be used with pesticides, as the chemicals may kill the predators.

Ask our staff for advice if you have treated your plants with a chemical insecticide recently.


Due to them being live creatures, predators are not for mail order.

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